Your Stay in Capitola Starts Here

The beachfront hamlet of Capitola, California is one of the oldest seaside communities on the Pacific Coast. Located in the northeastern Monterey Bay, Capitol has long been a tourist destination for those in love with its charming mix of shops and surf. More recently, Silicon Valley denizens have begun to flock here and to other coastal cities in search of a more relaxed lifestyle, but there still plenty of cottages, condominiums and other housing for rent. Search for Capitola vacation rentals and you may be surprised at the variety of properties on the local rental market.

Capitola boasts a mild, Mediterranean climate with cool winters and warm summers. Summer mornings often feature low-hanging fog that burns off by mid-morning. The city includes several beaches, with its leading shopping district, Capitola Village, nestled alongside the Capitola State Beach. Capitola is much more than just a beach town. Sandwiched between the ocean and the Santa Cruz Mountains, surfing, swimming and boating are balanced by equally plentiful opportunities for forest hiking and camping. Its quaint downtown features an array of locally-owned shops and cafes noteworthy for their quirky vibe.

There is much to do in Capitola, year-round. Esplanade Park is a popular destination for tourists and townies alike and plays host to a popular series of summer concerts. Those with a taste for vino will be pleased with the tastings offered by local wineries while its brewpubs offer an impressive array of locally-brewed beers and ales. The Capitola Historical Museum provides a surprisingly detailed local history and features several walking tours for those who want to get a better feel for the city in an unhurried manner. As temperatures are generally mild, no matter the season, you can find something fun and unique to do in Capitola.

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