Your Stay in Cloverdale Starts Here

When looking for the ultimate getaway, search for Cloverdale vacation rentals in California. This town in the Pacific Northwest is tucked away in the hills of Sonoma County. Its population of almost 9,000 people welcomes visitors to its picturesque roaming hillsides splayed with vineyards, making it a wine lover's paradise. The area is rich in art, shopping, dining, and nature to explore. Cloverdale allows visitors to get a taste of the small town feel without traveling far from the hustle and bustle of the city life. From kicking your feet up at a rental in Cloverdale to exploring the hiking and biking trails of the area parks, everyone from young to old will enjoy this countryside. When visiting Cloverdale, the following are some of the must-sees: Gould-Shaw House Museum - This house is part of the National Register of Historic Places and has been in existence since 1870. The museum features a history center with Cloverdale's artifact collection and the Gould-Shaw house is an interesting site to see, all in itself. Sculpture Trail - The sculpture trail runs from Geyserville to Cloverdale and consists of 42 sculptures to investigate. These structures make for great photo opportunities, and others are made for climbing on, around, or under. There is shopping, wineries and more to take in along the trail. Cloverdale Performing Arts Center - This outdoor venue is host to concerts, plays, open mic nights and more throughout the year. Cloverdale River Park - The park roams over 72 acres along the bank of the Russian River. This is a great setting for those seeking outdoor adventure, such as canoeing, swimming, hiking and seeing some wildlife. There is so much more to enjoy in Cloverdale, especially the dining, the downtown area streets which are lined with Victorian homes and boutique shops.