Your Stay in Arch Cape Starts Here

Arch Cape is a quiet, small city that is nestled along the coast of Oregon a few miles south of Hug Point State Recreation Site. Named for a arched rock formation and the cape it resides on, Arch Cape is a hidden jewel that is relatively unknown by many. If you are looking for a romantic getaway or a peaceful setting to stay for a few days, then finding a place amongst one of the Arch Cape vacation rentals available can be just what you need.

Arch Cape is small and you could miss it in a blink. However, it has several secluded beach access points that are not obvious from the main highway. At the northern end of the community, there are hidden beach accesses that lead off from the neighborhood streets. Sharks Lane takes you to a big creek lined with polished stones that leads to the beach, and there are other, smaller accesses. Once you reach the beach, you will discover groups of rock formations around a basalt point. When the tide is low, you can walk between the rocks and the cliffs and wander along a beach scattered with tide pools, boulders and intriguing rock structures.

A more obvious beach access from Arch Cape is at the southern tip next to the Arch Cape Tunnel, before you get to Oswald West State Park and Manzanita. There is a great view of Queen Vic, a large basalt rock offshore, from this larger beach gateway. If you keep driving just a few minutes further south, you will reach Oswald West State Park, which is one of the most beautiful parks in Oregon. Here, you will enjoy spectacular views of the Pacific while you walk through a coastal rainforest.

Rest is worth quite a lot in this busy world, and you will find plenty of that in Arch Cape. When you have become well-rested, you can put on your walking shoes and set out to see all that this serene Oregon coast has in store for you.