Your Stay in Government Camp Starts Here

With regard to the permanent live-in population of Government Camp, Oregon, it is quite small at only 195 residents. Accessing the community is quite easy, as Oregon is known for having some of the best-maintained roads and highway systems in the country. Government Camp can easily be reached any time of the year by traveling down US Route 26 which passes through the Mount Hood Corridor.

Fun and Interesting Things To Do In The Area

Summit Ski Area

The Summit Ski Area is located in Government Camp and is the most frequently visited tourist site directly within the community. The tiny ski park is nestled on Mount Hood and is historically the oldest ski park in the entire Pacific Northwest region.

Timberline Lodge and Mount Hood Skibowl

The most frequented tourist attraction just outside of the area of Government Camp is the Timberline Lodge and Mount Hood Skibowl. The site is located near the community and is the most frequented ski park venue in the entire state of Oregon. If you need to warm up after skiing the park, then head on into Timberline Lodge for hot chocolate and a hot meal.

Trillium Lake

The picture-perfect Trillium Lake is located just outside of Government Camp, and offers visitors a pristine natural environment, along with amenities such as fishing, boating, overnight camping, hiking, and more. The lake is also the perfect location to test out your photography skills.