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Search for rentals in Marmot, Oregon, a community located an hour outside Portland. Marmot has a rich history of forestry and self-sustainability. Founded in 1886 by forest guide, Adolph Aschoff, the town eventually grew to consist of Aschoff’s hotel, museum, a post office, and general store. Several buildings burnt down in 1931, with the exception of the museum, post office, and general store. Unfortunately, none of these original buildings are still standing.

Marmot is situated on the periphery of Mt. Hood National Forest, making it a breeze to hit the trails and ski slopes. The National Forest also offers climbing, camping, biking, fishing, and hunting. If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, Marmot is a perfect area to set up a base camp to explore Mt. Hood National Forest.

In addition to Marmot’s close proximity to Mt. Hood, Portland, Oregon, is also just down the road from the community. A little over an hour drive from Marmot, Portland offers great food, vibrant nightlife, a thriving arts scene, and an endless selection of craft beers.

If the city isn’t your thing, go to the town of Sandy, 20 minutes west of Marmot. Sandy, while quite a bit smaller than Portland but bigger than Marmot, offers numerous activities. Take in Jonsrud Viewpoint, a nature outlook offering unparalleled views of Mt. Hood. After visiting the scenic overwatch, go to the Sandy Historical Museum to learn about the local history of the area. If museums aren’t for you, visit the rainbow trout farm for some fishing or chart Stout Creek Outfitters for some whitewater kayaking.

Marmot vacation rentals offers the best of both worlds. Whether you’re looking to convalesce with nature or hit downtown Portland, Marmot has you covered.

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