Your Stay in Bellingham Starts Here

Bellingham, Washington, has the best of all worlds. It's a coastal city with stunning views of the Bay, gorgeous historic architecture, and is full of trails to explore the nature and wildlife. Plus, it's a port for ferries to travel to Alaska and near the Canadian border, if you want to continue traveling after your visit. Once you search for Bellingham vacation rentals and see where you want to unwind each day on your trip, it's time to plan what to see.

Get in Touch with Nature

A visit to Bellingham requires at least an afternoon on the trails. There's so much wildlife exclusive to the area. Check out the city's Trail Guide to see which areas best match your experience. It's also a good idea to have a destination in mind. Do you want to finish hiking at the beach? Stop for lunch? There's plenty of options for that too.

See the Local Art

Bellingham is full of local artists with unique work. Artwood, the local gallery in the Fairhaven district, is a great stop to make if you want to see what the locals have to offer. You can also find goods and crafts at the Farmer's Market every Saturday. Be sure to also pick up some local produce or ethnic cuisine.

Sample the Brews

Bellingham locals are no strangers to a good beer. There are so many local pubs to try out, full of local flavors. In fact, Bellingham has been labeled the Snobbiest Beer City in the US due to its lack of domestic brews. You'll want to pick the flavors fresh from the breweries anyways.

Ready to enjoy a city full of rich history and local flavor? Check out Bellingham. It's a city full of things to do, food to eat, and nature to observe. It's a visit you're sure to love.