Your Stay in Maple Falls Starts Here

Maple Falls Washington is a place of scenic beauty like no other. A search for rentals in Maple falls will reveal a perfect vacation getaway individuals or families looking to experience the splendor of nature.

Those seeking relaxation and the peace of the countryside will love the serenity of Maple falls. Mountainous peaks and towering pines convey a feeling of seclusion within a welcoming natural landscape far from the stress of city life.

Artists and photographers find unmatched beauty and inspiration in the Maple Falls scenery. Everything from snow capped mountains and shimmering lakes to area wildlife grant the opportunity for stunning photographs. Painters, writers and artists of all kind can hardly help but be inspired by the natural majesty of the land.

For visitors looking for activities, Maple Falls offers plenty of area to hike as well as places for fishing, swimming and mountain climbing. A visit to Silver Lake Park is perfect for aquatic adventure and sightseeing within Maple Falls vacation rentals.

Spend a day experiencing the scenic hiking trails of Artist Point just 2.7 miles away. Or take the Mount Baker scenic byway to the Mt. Baker ski area only 7.4 miles from Maple Falls rental lodging. Visitors can spend days seeking adventure on the mountains and trails and nights nestled into a cozy vacation home in the heart of Washington nature.

While experiencing the solitude of nature makes for a great getaway, sometimes modern food and drink are what the doctor ordered. For a drink and a bite to eat, the North Fork Brewery offers local beer, pub food and even vegetarian options. The Wake 'N Bakery offers a taste of fresh baked goodness to start your day, and the Mountain Man Espresso and Deli serves up good eats and tasty beverages throughout the day.

Whether it's relaxation or adventure on the itinerary, Maple falls has so much to offer! Search to find your perfect rental today.