Your Stay in Olga Starts Here

On the southern shores of Orcas Island, the beautiful hamlet of Olga overlooks Buck Bay. Those who search for rentals in Olga will find not only gorgeous island and ocean views, but a rich cooperative with dozens of artists and craftspeople who produce beautiful local art. Year after year, the inviting atmosphere of Olga draws those interested in whale watching and horseback riding. Others come for the incredible art and culture of the village.

Olga's panoramic beach and pier are any photography enthusiast's dream. What better inspiration could the artists of Orca Island Artworks have than the beautiful island views and lush beauty all around them? Housed in a historic strawberry packing plant, art lovers can find jewelry, paintings, pottery, prints, sculpture, wooden art pieces, and more. Olga calls to mind a beautiful way of life and it's the subject of many of the beautiful art pieces you will find there.

For fans of the outdoors, there are boat tours and kayaking in Olga along with hiking at nearby Moran State Park. Sail around the island or enjoy the equestrian trails for a relaxing journey around the hamlet to take in all of its beauty. By the beach and pier, you can enjoy the Cafe Olga or the Catkin Cafe, or select your own clams, mussels, oysters, seafood, local eggs and produce from the Buck Bay Shellfish Farm which is a right down the road. Olga also has a popular pottery shop, a community garden, and the Summit Learning Center, a natural history museum that families with children can enjoy but that has something for everyone regardless of age.

Enjoy one Washington's hidden treasures with Olga vacation rentals. Olga's intimate island setting provides the perfect way to remember one's love of nature and reclaim inner peace.

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