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In a Line from the Lorax: “Trees make Fresh Air “FOR FREE” It’s Called  Photosynthesis” We Speak for the Trees because the trees have no voice!

Visit the 800 Year old Tree at Cathedral Grove.  Located only a short 20 Minute Drive from Qualicum Beach BC ~ Breath some of the Cleanest Fresh Air on the Planet ~ A Fresh Perspective of Natural History.

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The name “Cathedral Grove” appeared in correspondence to the provincial

government in the 1920s. This colourful description of the stately trees is reputed to

have originated from the Governor General Viscount Willingdon in April 1928. CathedralGrove was a well-known tourist stop on the Alberni Road in the 1920s and 1930s when the timber was owned by the Victoria Lumbering and Manufacturing Company. For 15 years the public encouraged the provincial government to acquire the lands within Block 35, Cameron Lake area. The citizens’ organizations, The Associated Boards of Trade of Vancouver Island, petitioned the government in 1929 to preserve forever, for the public benefit, the well-known stand of timber at Cameron Lake, known as Cathedral Grove. In 1944 H.R. MacMillan, a well-known forester donated the 136 hectares of land for the perpetual enjoyment of the public in recognition of the unique stand of trees. Three years later, the area was established as a Class A provincial park.


The park protects and preserves an internationally significant

representative example of Douglas fir old-growth forest within the East Vancouver Island and the Coastal Douglas fir Biogeoclimatic Zone.


Many species of wildlife use the old-growth forest as their home including

several types of woodpeckers, owls, insects, reptiles, amphibians, deer, elk, black bear and cougar. The Cameron River, which flows through the park, contains rainbow, brown and cutthroat trout.

The below is sourced from Visit Parksville Qualicum Beach  

Cathedral Grove – MacMillan Provincial Park is located at the top end of Cameron Lake, only minutes from Qualicum Beach and Parksville on Highway 4 just beyond Coombs. Cathedral Grove is a BC Provincial Park preserving a section of lush old-growth forest that is unique to Vancouver Island. Plan to spend a few hours wandering Cathedral Grove’s trail system and gazing up at 800 year-old giant Douglas Fir trees. Cathedral Grove gives the visitor a sense of what

Vancouver Island and the west coast looked like before the arrival of European settlers. Read more here, Cathedral Grove Top Forest Walk 

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