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Best Places to Take in Autumn Colors in the Northwest

Autumn Colors int the Northwest

It’s hard to describe the awesome wonder that comes with fall foliage in the northwest. When the season transitions from summer to fall (autumn), green leaves change to vibrant shades of red, orange and yellow creating a canvas of artistry that can’t be duplicated. The Northwest has no shortage of glorious places to scope out excellent viewing of fall foliage. This list will guide you to them on a weekend trip or longer. 

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3 Can’t-Miss Fall Festivals in the Northwest

fall northwest

When searching for travel inspiration, there’s nothing quite like a festival to light the way. The Northwest is full of fun events that invite locals and visitors to take in cities brimming with opportunities surrounding food, music, art and more. Here are a few experiences that will ensure a good time for everyone and, hopefully, create traditions for years to come. 

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Best Family-Friendly Activities in Sisters, OR

sisters, oregon

Family-friendly activities in Sisters are plentiful and largely revolve around the great outdoors. It’s the perfect place for a digital detox for the whole family. With stunning views of the Cascade Mountains, it’s certainly understandable to crave being in nature when visiting Sisters Country. From hiking to fishing, rafting and horseback riding…there’s something of interest for every family member. And, should you get tired of the outdoors, the artsy side of this Central Oregon town has some enticing attractions as well.

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Easy Whale Watching Tips for the Northwest


Whale watching is one of those crazy amazing experiences that tops the bucket list for tons of people across the world. The search is part of the excitement, but that moment when you finally see whales is magical. The Northwest is bursting with opportunities for whale watching, and planning a trip for that purpose is easy. There are charter companies to get your group to the right place at the right time to catch more than a glimpse of these breathtaking marine animals. 

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6 of the Most Incredible Must-See Sights on the Oregon Coast

haystack rock

The West Coast is home to a bounty of natural treasures. These stunning landscapes offer some of the most incredible destinations in the entire world, with miles of breathtaking coastline, mountains, bodies of water, and geological marvels. The Beaver State’s collection of these natural wonders doesn’t get any better than a handful of must-see sights on the Oregon Coast. Whether it’s an old shipwreck on the beach or a gorgeous mountain trail, you’ll never run out of new and exciting wonders here.

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