Your Stay in Orcas Starts Here

The Pacific Northwest is known for many things, coffee and rain to name a few, but it is the stunning mountain views and the clear Pacific waters that attract travelers from across the globe. No better place encapsulates the PNW vibe than Orcas Island. Any journey to the island chain dotting the waters of the Puget Sound, an easy ferry ride from Seattle, should begin with a search for rentals in Orcas Island.

There aren’t many places in the world where you can spend the morning sailing on the seas and by afternoon, retreat beneath a lush Evergreen canopy for a mountain hike. Orcas Island isn’t like many places in the world. The tree-lined streets of Eastsound, the island’s largest village, offers amenities like shopping and dining. If it is a quieter retreat you are after, Orcas vacation rentals offer that too.

Whether you are a restless adventurer or looking for serenity and solitude, there is something for everyone on Orcas Island. Visitors can hike, swim, shop, or sit by a cozy fireplace with a book. Whatever your choice, it is sure to come with a breathtaking view of mountains, water, and maybe even a volcano or two.

Here are just some of the activities awaiting you:

Take to the seas: sailing, kayaking, and whale watching are all available. Regardless of how you do it, getting out on the water is the best way to take in the breathtaking scenery and beautiful wildlife.

If you prefer to stick to land, you can bike, hike, or go by horseback. Tours are available for a variety of levels, but the island’s landscape is also manageable on your own. If nothing else, get in the car and go for a leisurely drive.

If there’s one place every visitor should see, it’s Moran State Park. Mount Constitution, the largest peak on all the islands, offers the best views as well as that gorgeous scenery that draws visitors to the PNW.

Orcas Island, Seagull Nest

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